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10 Destinations

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Most Important Attractions in Destination 1 (Ohrid, Struga, Prespa and their surroundings)

Ohrid Lake and surrounding nature

Prespa Lake and surrounding nature

Golem Grad

Town of Ohrid (including cultural and religious sites)

Galicica National Park

Hiking, mountaineering, biking

Rural and traditional experiences

Most Important Attractions in Destination 2 (Skopje, Kumanovo and their surroundings)

Old Bazaar (Carsija)

Tvrdina Kale Fortress

St. Pantelejmon monastery

St Spas Church

Vodno Mt

Matka lake and Treska Canyon

Rome Aqueduct

Kokino Megalithic Observatory

Most Important Attractions in Destination 3 (Pelagonija and surroundings)

Prilep, Krusevo and surroundings

Treskavets Monastery

Makedonium Ilinden Memorial

Tose Proeski memorial house

Paragliding and hand gliding

Bouldering and rock climbing

Bitola, Pelister NP and surroundings

Heraclea Lyncestis site

Bitola and Sirok Sokak

Pelister National Park

Hiking, mountaineering, some biking

Rural and traditional experiences

Most Important Attractions in 4 (Tikvesh region and surroundings)

Wineries and vineyards

Ancient city of Stobi

Tikves Lake

Most Important Attractions in 5 (Maleshevo and surroundings)

Lake Berovo

Fresh mountain air

Cool summers

Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael

Local fresh organic food

Sheep farm Klepalo

Pehcevo waterfalls

Most Important Attractions in 6 (Reka area, Mavrovo and surroundings)

Mavrovo National Park and outdoor activities

Monasteries: Sv Jovan Bigorski, Rajcica, Leshocki Monasteries

Villages in Mount Bistra region: Jance, Lazaropole, Galicnik

Korab mountain (Via Dinarica)

Most Important Attractions in 7 (Gevgelija and Dojran and surroundings)

Lake Dojran

World War I battlefield near Dojran

Most Important Attractions in 8 (Tetovo, Popova Shapka and surroundings)

Shar Mountain, Popova shapka and outdoor/ adventure activities

Tetovo: Ara Baba Teke, Sharena Dzamija

Most Important Attractions in 9 (Strumica and its surroundings)

Monastery of St Leonthius in Vodoca

Monastery of the Holy Mother of God in Veljusa

Bansko (ruins of Roman bathhouse)

Kolesino waterfall

Smolari waterfall

Strumica fortress

Church of Holy 15 Martyrs in Strumica

Strumica Carnival

Most Important Attractions in 10 (Stip, Radovis and their surroundings)

Monastery of St. Joakim Osogovski

Monastery of St Gavril Lesnovski

Valley of the Stone Dolls

Town center of Kratovo

Центарот на градот Штип

Town center of Stip

Ancient city of Bargala

Cocev Kamen

Vinica fortress and museum

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