Sub-Projects Funded

Sub-project types

Sub-project: “Economic valorization of the cultural and alternative tourist offer of the Tsars’s Towers in the tourist destination Strumica”

Sub-project: “Kriva Palanka – Eastern gate to Europe (Festival tourist destination)”

Sub-project: “Integrated program for tourism development in the Municipality of Kavadarci”

Sub-project: “Struga – Your tourist destination”

Sub-project: “Cultural values and tourism: from a lifestyle to a privlege of experience”

Sub-project: “Dojran – Tourist pearl of Southeast Macedonia”

Sub-project: “Lake Prilep – New adventures, new opportunities”

Sub-project: “Mount bike paradise”

Sub-project “Smart lake Mladost – first innovative tourist attraction in Macedonia”

Sub-project “Revitalization of Kitino Kale”

Sub-project: “Increased tourist offer of the Pelagonija region via the restoration and adaptation of the House of Army along with the arrangement of the ground floor”

Sub-project “Sports Adrenaline Park – Karpos”

Sub-project “Visitor Center Vevchani – One Center One Tourism Product”

Sub-project: “Plachkovica – unique natural beauties and different cultural and historical heritage, opportunity for development of active tourism”

Sub-project: “Promotion of Old Bazaar Tourism in Municipality of Cair”

Sub-project: “Wine, API and Eco Tourism in Negotino and surroundings”

Sub-project “Improving the accessibility and attractiveness of the Sunny lake settlement Mantovo and its surrounding”

Sub-project: “Constructing of Hiking-Biking path and picnic area placed Centar Zupa-Debarski Island”

Sub-project “Improvement of the conditions for development of alternative tourism at the locality – Monospitovsko Blato”

Sub-project “Krushevo – Adrenaline Circuit – Development of Adventure Tourism in Krushevo”

Subproject: “Additional buildings to the hotel VIP Hotel Berovo”

Subproject: “Better sports airport for the prosperity of the municipality”

Subproject: “Free descent Mavrovo”

Sub-project: “Play and learn about the Tikvesh region in restaurant Stobi

Sub-project: “Enhancing the Development and the Competitiveness of the Destination 2 Tourist Region through Improved Services and Innovative Tourist Offer of The Hunter’s Lodge Kamnik Hotel and Restaurant“

Sub-project “Hotel Tim’s apartments – reconstruction and improvement”

Sub-project “Investment in reconstruction of the facility of Lazar Winery”

Sub-project: “The cult of water”

Sub-project: “Increasing the capacity and competitiveness of Hotel Arena-Teteks on Popova Shapka – Tetovo”

Sub-project: “Building SPA Center and Lounge Bar”

Sub-project: “Development of enogastronimic tourism – Taste Macedonia”

Sub-project: “Adjusting the offering and services at the destination Skopje, Kumanovo and surroundings for serving the identified high potential market segments”

Sub-project “Innovative destinations linkage for improved delivery of travel services”

Sub-project “Reconstruction and renovation of Euro Hotel Gradche due to the higher categorized tourist service”

Sub-project “Consuls, City, Cuisine and Culture: An Early 20th century experience”

Sub-project “Authentic summer terrace with children’s playing area and beautiful sightseeing of Shara”

Sub-project: “Popova Kula Winery – improvement”

Sub-project “Renovation and modernization of the capacity and services of Hotel Pela – Ohrid”

Sub-project “House of Sokolovi”

Sub-project “Building capacities for tourism employees through language trainings”

Sub-project: “Ohrid and Prespa to go”

Sub-project: “Building managerial skills and business relationships for improved service in the tourist and tourism and hospitality sector”

Sub-project: “Building capacities in the tourism sector”

Sub-project “Improvement of the existing tourist offer of activities in Macedonia with the creation, organization and sale of self-guided tours for self-organized tourists”

Sub-project “Advent of ICT in tourism development”

Sub-project “Maleshevska korija-Mountain Biking”

Sub-project “Via Dinarika Macedonia”

Sub-project “Sherpa Horse Riding”

Sub-project “Comprehensive Promotion through On-line and Print Media and Education of the Tourism Stakeholders in all Ten Destinations”

Sub-project: “Music-tourist interactive IT platform of the RM”

Sub-project: “Capacity and innovation of tourism services for sustainable local economic growth – New approach through development of alternative tourist attractions”

Sub-project: “Tandem Jumps Increase the Number of Active Tourists”

Sub-project “Improving Activities and Experiences for Young People in Ohrid”

Sub-project: “Development of Tourism in Saraj and Matka”

Sub-project “4 Season Adventure”

Sub-project “Macedonia from Air”

Sub-project: “Youth Adventure Tourism”

Sub-project: “Online Marketing and Communication for Sustainable Rural Tourism Development”