Local and Regional Competitiveness Project (LRCP)

Enhance the contribution of tourism to local economic development and improve the capacity of the Government and public entities to foster tourism growth and facilitate destination management.

22.914.925 Euro

* The Project is funded by an 18.000.000 euro grant from the European Union’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance II and co-financed by the Government of North Macedonia with 3.176.471 euro.

14.01.2016 – 31.12.2019

European Union

World Bank

* The project is administered by the World Bank, through a Trust fund (Local and Regional Competitiveness in Tourism Trust Fund) using applicable World Bank guidelines and procedures on environmental and social management, financial management, procurement and implementation support.

Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs (CDPMEA)

LRCP consist four components:

  • Technical Assistance for Tourism Development
  • Strengthening Destination Management and Enabling Environment
  • Investment in Tourism-Related Infrastructure and Linkages at Destinations 
  • Strengthening Project Management

LRCP support the growth and development of the tourism sector at the central, regional, and local levels. The direct project beneficiaries are:

  1. Central government entities;
  2. Regional and local stakeholders (i.e. municipalities, Centres for Regional Development, private sector associations, etc.);
  3. Regional and local stakeholders and enterprises that carry out projects to improve destination competitiveness and the tourism offering.

LRCP is managed as a Hybrid Trust Fund.

Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs is the responsible implementing agency. The main implementation unit of the LRCP project is the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) established within the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs.

World Bank Group is responsible for overall supervision of the Project (Components 2,3 and 4) and execution of Component 1.

The Delegation of the EU has an advisory role to the Project Steering Committee.

Project Steering Committee is composed of 9 representatives nominated from the following institutions:

  • Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge for Economic Affairs and coordination of economic departments, as Chairman of the Project Steering Committee;
  • Secretariat for European Affairs;
  • Ministry of Finance;
  • Ministry of Economy;
  • Ministry of Local Self Government;
  • Ministry of Culture;
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications;
  • Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning;
  • Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism