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The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) team is responsible for all aspects of Project implementation of all Recipient Executed components, including monitoring, reporting, fiduciary functions, and safeguards, in close collaboration with the line ministries and public agencies.

The PIU team is consisted of experienced professionals, including:

  • Project Director – Antonija Sisak;
  • Financial Management Specialist – Stojanche Mitovski;
  • Tourism Development Specialist – Maja Blazev;
  • Regional Development Specialist – Marjan Kelemen;
  • Civil Work Specialist – Kristinka Radevski;
  • Cultural Heritage Specialist – Slave Mladenovski;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation and Communication Specialist – Mirjana Kocoska Stojanovic;
  • Environmental Expert – Ljubomir Petkovski;
  • Procurement Specialist – Olivera Krzhovska;
  • Procurement Specialist – Ivana Naumovska;
  • Procurement Officer – Sasko Badzukov;
  • Financial Management Assistant – Damjan Stojkovski; and
  • Project Assistant – Elena Kichevska.

PIU Financial Statements

Independent Auditor Report 2016-2017